Sunday…. Ahh!

After all of the excitement last week about Cat Day, we cats have been taking it easy this weekend. Robin, however, has be CLEANING OUR ROOMS. Yes, she had the vacuum and changed all the bedding. She even used a cathair (lint) roller on the curtains in our bedroom.

happy-huckie-smlShe also sprinkled something called diatomaceous earth outside in our yard. It’s powdery and dusty, and Brie and I don’t need to be breathing that kind of stuff, so we are glad she kept it outside. The Garden Kitties don’t mind at all.

This is also the first Sunday without the little dog from up the street barking and barking at the Garden Kitties. We heard the family found a new home for the dog, which is good because they were letting her run free in the neighborhood.

sparkle-wildflowers-smlSparkle left the yard for a pretty long time during the barkiest period of the neighbor dog coming in our yard. She’s back now. Can you find Sparkle in the wildflowers?

Robin started a plan to build a fence when she couldn’t get the dog to stay out of our yard (she was even going into the BACK yard to bark at Huck). She’s keeping the fence plan although the dog isn’t around anymore. The fence will go up in stages because we have to wait for the noisy men to finish the road construction and build a new sidewalk.

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