We Care For Our Human

Nurse-Cheshire-smlOur human came out on the wrong end of an encounter with a hot cup of coffee on Monday. She screamed, cried, and went to the doctor. She’s been home with us ever since, and we’re doing our best to care for her. I supervise all kitty nursing assignments.


We make sure someone is with her at all times. We knead on her, sleep on her, and play with her.


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We get up in the middle of the night with her when she takes medicine.


Brie-relaxed-smlShe has been really sleepy all week and generally more relaxed than she had been since Brie went to the hospital in January. Brie is relaxed too.

We’re sorry she’s hurting, but we’re really glad to have her home with us. We’re so thankful to have Robin with us that we decided to join Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday blog hop!

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