Preparation for Pet Partners Painting Party

Robin belongs to Delta Pet Partners San Antonio, a local therapy animal group that is having a party at one of those places where humans drink wine and make paintings. She and that twerp Cheddar are still planning to become a therapy team (I’ll believe it when I see it). Meanwhile, three of the dogs are visiting her seminar about research on the human-animal bond tonight, and she’s going to this painting party.

nutmeg-bztat-smlFor the painting she needs a photo of JUST ONE of us. First, she wanted to paint Nutmeg but then remembered she has a BZTAT drawing of her.




belle-becket-bztatBZTAT also painted a portrait of Belle and Becket.



Cheshire sleeping near his paintingShe has a painting of me, too, so I didn’t stay on the top of the list long.




She couldn’t choose one Cheese, but she briefly considered the picture of Cheddar from the last post. That one is cropped, and cropping isn’t recommended anyway (so many rules), so she was saved from offending the left-out Cheeses.

Reggie is black and not cute in the first place, if you ask me.

ariel-smlHuck was the model for Ariel, Lion of God. That left Sparkle, who hides in the yard or gets too close to the camera, and Karma.

Robin picked Karma.

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