Cheddar and the Garden Kitties

cheddar-huck-sparkl3-smlThe Cheeses’ first August in Texas has been mild, for Texas. Yesterday was one of our few 100-degree days!

Huck and Sparkle are used to the high temperatures and stickiness of the air. Huck curled up on a sheet in a chair on the porch while Sparkle had some brunch while Cheddar watched.

The Cheeses don’t go out on the porch; it’s the Garden Kitties’ domain. They do spend time in the catio, but only in the early morning and after dark. Reggie goes out with them, but Lexie goes out during the heat of the day when she can be alone. Meggy goes out every now and then. I haven’t been on the catio in some time, and neither has Karma.

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