TTouch Today

philippe-after-ttouch-smlRobin is meeting a new client for TTouch this afternoon. She’s halfway into her practitioner training and consults for her case studies. She turned in five case studies at the training in Colorado and will turn in another five at her next training in November. This set of cases must include consultation with the client’s human and several visits with the same client.

She will see Spills, a 16-year-old dog who lives with one of Robin’s friends, and Bebo, a Jack Russell. Robin is meeting both Bebo and his human for the first time today.

The picture is Philippe, a happy client.

One thought on “TTouch Today

  1. I wish we lived closer to you sweethearts, I would ask Robin to apply t-touch to my new fur baby Clove who suffers from severe anxiety. She was abandoned on the streets and shows signs of having been abused at some point. I think something like this to help super skittish kitties like her. I will have to look in to maybe learning a few of the techniques. Your Robin is so compassionate and pawesome to help these fur babies– just as she has done with you and your fur sibs.

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