Sleepy, Special Moments Sunday

sunday-karma-smlWe have a pretty big family, but still, each of us shares something special with our human. She is so cute! We’re glad to have her, especially on lazy weekend days when she stays home with us.

Sunday-Reggie-smlRobin says we have special moments every day.

Sunday-Colby-smlAlthough it seems she has taken a million pictures of us, some of the special moments are unrecorded, like her favorite moment of the weekend: when Brie presented his forehead to Becket for grooming, and then the two of them relaxed together with her.

Sunday-Becket-smlAt first, Brie seemed to be staring at Becket, but it turned out that little Brie was unhappy with Soft Kitty staring at him, not with Becket! When Brie got up from his pillow, Robin thought she was going to have a tussle between the biggest Cheese and the biggest of all of us. Her heart melted when her two big kitty men relaxed together. She totally missed the shot so she could let the moment happen between them, and she’s glad she did.

Sunday-Bleu-smlWe are all getting used to the Cheeses being here.

Sunday-Cheddar-smlThe Cheeses are generally nice little boys, although they just don’t have any boundaries. I was an only kitten, and abandoned early as well, so I have no idea what it’s like to share everything with anyone.

Sunday-Lexi-tongue-smlI do love my human.

We all love OUR human.





2 thoughts on “Sleepy, Special Moments Sunday

  1. This is such a lovely post about your family Chessie, you all are special and unique and your human Mom is too. You kitties are lucky to have a compassionate and loving human who loves you unconditionally, gives you the attention and space you need to adjust. I am jealous and would adore to be able to come home to a houseful of so many sweet souls. Our house is quiet with only one mancat and a woofie as members of the family. I know when the time is right though, angel Phoebe will send a fur kid my way who needs a home and loving family. A home with a family of humans and fur kids is an example of how love can be shared between species the same as it is with one with only human members.

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