Cheeses Mediate Fragile Truce Between…


This is a momentous moment for me, for Robin, for the Cheeses, for Reggie, and for all of my Cuddle Family.

That’s Cheddar in front, but don’t look at him. I know it’s hard because the Cheeses are so cute, but look past him and past Bleu’s ears too. (I know, they’re cute too!).

Yes, that’s ME on the left and REGGIE on the right. Me on the same bed with Reggie. You never thought you’d see it! There’s something about having all these Cheeses around that has helped me stop hating Reggie quite so much. I still can’t say he’s my pal, but I can walk by and not shout at him now.

This is a moment for the cat behaviorists to study.

4 thoughts on “Cheeses Mediate Fragile Truce Between…

  1. We are so happy Chessie. Now Robin can be happy with everyone being friends. And you can all snuggle together. Such good news!

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