Lexie’s Limping

Lexie-Jan11Sisfur Lexie has hurt her left arm. She was fine at breakfast, in spite of Karma having chased her first thing when they got up, but then she was limping.

Lexie’s doing her usual things like playing with her tennis ball, going in the cupboards, climbing up to look out the kitchen window and helping Robin bake. It’s just that she limps, growls at the Cheeses and purrs a lot.

Lexie loves to lounge on this box (full of boxes of crispy brown rice cereal the humans bought on Amazon) while Robin is cooking.

Right now, Lexie’s sitting on the iPhone.

Robin did TTouch on Lexie, but Lexie won’t let her touch her sore arm.

She’s got an appointment to visit Dr. Gowens first thing this week (Tuesday morning because the doctor does surgery on Monday). We hope her injury isn’t serious, and we’ll be able to cancel that appointment.


2 thoughts on “Lexie’s Limping

  1. Paws crossed sisfur Lexie’s paw is okay, hopefully she will rest and it will be okay soon. I like to lay on my Mom’s iPhone too!!

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