Nipped Out Before 9 On Christmas Day

Nutmeg-Christmas2013-smlWe all got toys and nip this morning.

Nutmeg enjoyed her furry toy and THREE helpings of catnip, all in the same room with both Lexie and the Cheeses!



Bleu-Christmas2013The Cheeses have been playing since about 7 am.  First, they took Reggie’s furry toy before Robin had a chance to give them their own toys. Then, Robin tied a toy with feathers and a bell to a chair for them to play with.Nutmeg ran them off once or twice, but she is hanging out in the same room with everybody.

Colby asked Robin to play Neko fly with him, but Cheddar and Bleu took over. Then, Cheddar chewed through the string and ran off with the bug. In the end, Robin put the bug in a drawer because everyone was getting overstimulated. She noticed then that someone had pulled the bug’s legs off.

Lexi-Christmas2013Lexie got a colorful, furry toy (which the Cheeses ultimately took control of) and a big pile of nip under the dining room table. She likes this spot best of all, and Robin gave her some time to play before the Cheeses got up. Reggie got to play with his furry toy and nip for a few minutes before they got up too. Otherwise, no one would be playing but those kittens.

Lexie really likes her new, Christmas color. I think she looks good in red.

Reggie and I got to sneak in the Cheeses’ room and eat kitten food (not at the same time!). I’m saving my furry toy for later when I can play on my own.

In between play sessions, Robin’s reading the book I gave her!

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