More Meggy in Her Cone

nutmeg-cone-ladder-smlWhat happens when a pampered kitty gets sick?

Her mom makes a place for her in the big bed and brings her food dish to her there. Mom holds her water bowl to make it easier to drink. Mom lovingly puts medicine in (or at least near) her eye.

Meggy has the spot closest to the best heater.

She gets special food every time she has medicine in her eye.

She goes under the covers, cone and all.

And she gets up only to stretch…

…… and climb up the ladder.

P.S. Find Reggie in the picture and we’ll send an extra prize with your Christmas card!

8 thoughts on “More Meggy in Her Cone

  1. Sending Meggy a big batch of #HealingPurrs & love! Hope u feel better sson-although it does sound like you’re being pampurred to the max! *high paw*

    Is that Reggie’s bum I see walking away from the ladder? He must be working out! MEOW!
    Luv yoo Cheshie, Meggy, Reggie, Lexi, Karma, cheeses & anyone else I missed! ((HUGS)) OxO

  2. We are nurse cats. Would Ms. Nutmeggy like us to teleport over to take cae of her? We will also test her noms and water, and make sure her litter box is useable.

    Nurse Cats Lilith Kitten Mahoney & Miss Tina Marie Maine Coon
    of The Feline Contingent

    1. She was feeling WAY better, but today she has relapsed a little. I have to finish up here so Robin can give Meggy some more eye ointment.

  3. Is that Reggie near the bottom of the ladder, hidden mostly behind the partition?! I thought I saw two black bunny feets and part of a tail..?!
    Meggy SHOULD get all the special care and attention she’s receiving, for one it’s not easy wearing a cone of care for days, having to have stuff squirted in mewz eye, and mostly because she IS a torbie after all. We tortie/torbie/calico ladycats are of a royal nature that requires such servitude by our humans to keep us well and confident in our natural ability to be in charge of all around us. It can be exhausting sometimes, yet we are up for the challenge. MOL!

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