Robin Met Old Friends… and New

izzy-robinIzzy-window-smlRobin met Princess Izzy, the mother of the Cheese Kittens, in person on Thanksgiving Day. She also met Miss Donna and her mom and had a lovely visit with them.






Izzy-smlYou can’t actually tell from the pictures, but Izzy is a torby, like Nutmeggy.







Izzy’s colors aren’t as bright as Meggy’s; they are called “dilute.” Where Meggy is black, Izzy is gray. Meggy’s orange is bright, whereas Izzy’s is peach. Meggy has white accents, and Izzy’s are cream. Whorls dominate both kitties’ tabby patterns too. Izzy’s are faint and don’t show up well in pictures.

Izzy likes to look out the windows where she and the Cheeses used to play. Robin looked out the window with Miss Izzy. She saw some bugs out there but nothing else.

Izzy-tree-smlIzzy’s cat tree is just like the one her sons have at our house.

Robin got to meet Princess Izzy and Miss Donna because she had Thanksgiving at her cousin’s house. Her cousin just bought a nice house where a kitty named Mittens lived. Mittens stayed on (we don’t have a picture of Mittens, unfortunately), and a poodle moved in as well.




The poodle is Koko, who is 13 years old and really took a liking to Robin.

Koko even slept with Robin Thursday night, but please don’t tell Meggy.



3 thoughts on “Robin Met Old Friends… and New

  1. Miss Izzy is so beautiful- she is a combination of me and Meggy! A torby like Meggy but with dilute coloring like me, except I am a tortie with flecks of color rather than the tabby like swirly stripes torbies have. Torbie, tortie, or calico we are ladycats of superior breeding and intelligence, however I don’t need to tell Chessie and Meggy or Miss Izzy that! Miss Izzy and I also have one other thing in common: we are both mama cats who had a litter of four! While Miss Izzy had the adorable Cheese boys, I had 2 ginger/cheese boys and 2 blue-grey girls. How wonderful to have so much in common with two such fabulous ladycats! I so hope the Cheese boys find homes together in twos and with people who will keep in touch with Robin, it has been so sweet to watch them grow up.

  2. Miss Robin Auntie Donna, Gma and Izzy enjoyed your visit so very much! We wish we could meet and chat EVERY DAY! xoxoxo

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