A Musical Treat for Cat Lovers

This morning we found a delightful music video featuring cats, and we just have to share! Thank you to Jackson Galaxy for linking on Facebook to The Conscious Cat‘s lovely post about The Plastics‘ indie rock video featuring 29 cats. The band dedicated the video to Tatty, a kitty who passed away this year.

I dedicate this post to Cokie the Cat of Hollywood, California, and to Tess, a lovely community cat in Toronto that my human had the pleasure of meeting once or twice. (Tess’s caregiver writes about her colonies on The Cat’s Meow.) Both of them left us this week for the Rainbow Bridge.

The song, “Occasional Lies,” made me think how important it is to enjoy the moments we have together because they can either be or seem so fleeting.

The Plastics come from South Africa and love cats. You might just love their song.

2 thoughts on “A Musical Treat for Cat Lovers

  1. What a great tribute to two very special pals. It’s always so hard to say goodbye to those we love, but they will linger on in our hearts forever. I’m sure your tribute has meant a lot to their humans.

  2. Thanks for the dedication to special anipals who’ve recently gone OTRB. It’s always sad no matter the reason, no matter the age … The love for our furbabies is hard and profound and soon any pain is replaced by the gazillions of fond memories they left in our hearts and minds. Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz …..

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