You love cheese, why not adopt one?

Cheeses-flyerThe Cheese Kittens have been with us for two weeks now. Robin and UH have fallen completely in love with the little guys, as has everyone who has ever met them. They are ready to consider applicants for Cheese Lover in Chief now, so Robin made a flyer with some of their best pictures. (Then she cried. Geez, humans are emotional.)

The Cheeses are having a GREAT time here, playing with all the toys and eating lots of kitten food. They like to climb all over Robin and are still giving her toe baths. They are in that stage of kittenhood when we kitties purr really loud all the time. Each one of them has some special purrsonality traits that Robin loves. She can tell the humans all about them and make sure they make a good match for their forever home.

They are ALWAYS welcome back at our house. They will be microchipped before they go to their forever homes. They’ve had their first vaccination (FVRCP) and will soon be ready for their rabies vaccination too. The vet here recommends letting them grow some more before they get neutered. He says their urinary tracts will stay healthier that way. Robin says she’ll work with their forever guardians to get that important surgery done.

They are ready to be indoor kitties and are learning to wear harnesses so they can go out with their humans and stay safe.

We will help them get to WHEREVER their family lives (it might be harder if not in the U.S.!), so please download the full-sized flyer (or we can email you a high-resolution file) and pass it on to anyone who loves kitties and would like to share life with a Cheesy kitty. (Meggy will be ecstatic when she meets these boys’ forever families.)

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