Oops, and my real news reading

ck-jeanxIf you checked in with us yesterday, you saw a VERY odd post about me reading about Ted Cruz. Here’s the story behind that post.

I DO read the NYT with Robin, but I did NOT post that. In fact, I hid my ears when I heard Mr. Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham to his colleagues in the U.S. Senate.

Robin STOLE a post from me in order to show her students how to make links on the Web that don’t show the entire URL. That’s the sort of link they USUALLY give her, but it’s messy and unpleasant to read. She wants to have something prettier to read for herself, and she also wants these students to prepare to write nicely for a broad audience that might include members of my Cuddle family.

Still, it’s not right to give more attention to Ted Cruz than he deserves. He’s already getting too much.

Besides, I’m a lot more interested in the stories about cats in the news this week that we discovered through a news brief in the Times.

First, Iran is planning to send a cat into space (I hope they bring the kitty back because Robin cries whenever she thinks about Laika and the other animals who were sacrificed at the beginning of space travel).

Even more interesting is evidence that domestic cat DNA is almost exactly the same as the DNA of Siberian tigers. See, humans, we’re not deluded about our power!

I also read about the Sumatran tiger cubs born at the San Antonio Zoo, but we couldn’t find a link to the San Antonio Express News story online. Yes, we still subscribe to the paper version.

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