Meggy’s Learning Agility!

Cheshie blogged earlier and now he says I can write to you!

Mom and I have been doing something really fun! I get to have Purina kibbles EVERY DAY! To get them, all I have to do is jump over a little piece of wood and walk around BOTTLES! Tonight we made a VIDEO!

Mom says I’m learning AGILITY.

Most people know about dogs running on courses with different jumps. Cats compete on agility courses too. The Cat Fanciers’ Association has agility competitions, for example. Mom says I’m not necessarily going to compete, unless I WANT to, but she did order a harness for me. She says it will match the color of of my eyes. (She SAYS the harness is a size large and is bigger than Lexie’s blue one or I would have had to SHARE with her. Share???)

I get to leap and weave for a few minutes in the morning and the evening before and after Mom feeds the Garden Kitties.

13 thoughts on “Meggy’s Learning Agility!

  1. I was so excited to watch Meggy and her agility! I was talking to your sisfur Nutmeg on Twitter a few weeks back and I am starting to clicker train Sneakers! I am not sure what happened to the video, but all I get to see is 2 minutes of bread cooling, with a cut away to a furnished room and a meowing cat. :)

  2. Meggy my fellow calico/tortie ladycat, mew are an absolutely PAWESOME CATagilist! I’m not surprised of mewz intelligence and determination, ladycats of our breed are known for our desire and insistence to be top cat. I agree with mewz thought on Robin getting mew mewz own harness– HOW can our humans possibly think we would OR should SHARE with our sibling?! Even if mew were the same size as Lexie, mew could not possibly compete wearing a SHARED harness!! I do hope mew have explained this to Robin, in the usual simple way we must do so for them to comprehend our superior thinking, of course. MOL!

    1. Meggy’s harness is pretty. Lime and forest green. She tried it on and it’s the right size. Robin needs to adjust it a bit, just for my lovely sisfur. By the way, Lexie is refusing to put on her blue one. Silly Lexie. She looks so lovely in it.

      1. Awwww, I bet Meggy is lovely in that color, she and Lexie would look so good together. Silly Lexie, the more mew wear it, the more treats Robin will give mew!

    1. Thanks, Pumpkin! I think Meggy is doing fine, but she has a long way to go before I’ll get too excited about her prospects. Do humans bet on agility contests?

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