Robin Visits Petie!

Petie-Robin-standingRobin is spending the week with Petie and her dad. She’s happy to see Petie again, and he’s happy to see her!


Petie-suitcaseShe said Petie thinks it’s about time she caught up with him. The last time he saw her, he was getting in the car with the first of his wonderful transporters after spending his first night in a real room in New Orleans.


Now, Petie lives at the beach. He has a house of his own and two of his own humans. He has toys that he brought from our house and really cool scratchers. He gets treats and good food. Most of all, he has a yard with beautiful tropical plants and a pool.

Robin-Petie-bedHe has birds to watch and lizards to hunt, too. Well, Petie’s humans say they really don’t have any lizards anymore. It seems the word got out…

Robin is happy to see her dad and her brother and Hanne, too!

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