hatchling-tracks-1Robin sent a link to my story on dogs that help sea turtles to Stacey, yesterday. Stacey e-mailed back

After I saw you guys this morning a monitoring nest had emerged last night.
The hatchlings were already gone but here are 2 pics of their “tracks”. Look for the “line” w/flipper marks on either side. Each hatchling’s was about 1.5″ wide. Hope you enjoy!

The little guys are on their way in the big ocean.

Godspeed, baby turtles!hatchling-tracks-2

4 thoughts on “Hatchlings!

  1. Awww what cute little paw prints! Turtles have paws don’t they? Or feets? MOL! Whichever, I wonder if they would like kitties?

  2. What a great opportunity to see those hatchlings. To think M once lived in that area and never knew about it. (It was many moons ago she said and maybe they were not doing as much to protect the hatchlings.)

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