Another milestone

I ran out of my room into the dining room this morning, and there he was.

Reggie was in the kitchen, right on the other side of the screen, sitting there like he owned the place.

Robin placed a bowl of chicken next to me. I started eating.

ck-meggy-screenOf course, we don’t have any pictures of the moment I chose food over a straight-on run to beat the crap out of Reggie. We do, however, have this shot of Meggy and me on either side of the screen so you can get an idea what the whole thing looks like. Shortly after Robin took this shot, Meggy burst through the other screen to chase Lexie.

I understand that this barrier is symbolic. I am choosing to find a way to coexist.

2 thoughts on “Another milestone

  1. Cheshire — you don’t know how happy you make me when I read these stories of your inner growth as a brave, strong yet friendly kitty!!! I’m so proud of you. You are realizing that you can have more of the house to explore beyond your one room AND get lots of good things if you just tolerate Reggie. You are doing such a great job! Yippee and Yeehaw!!! Such a great kitty. Hugzzz to all. RAY & TIPPER — @DaneRay

    1. Thank you for your support! I’m still having a great day, although I did shout at Reggie one time and had to go in my room one other time to avoid getting more upset.

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