Kitty Integration

We had a few days of general upset as Lexie the lynx point joined our household, but we are largely over it. Becket was among the most agitated to have new kitties in the house, but you can see to the left how bothered he is now.

Our humans have helped us a lot to get used to our new sisfur. We have had some really good treats, and mostly a LOT of playtime. We all enjoy the kittycada Neko Fly  more than any other toy. I had a great play session with me playing with the kittycade in one room and Lexie just around the corner in another room playing with it when I was resting. Even Karma was willing to share a play session with the kittycada and Lexie!

Becket’s play style isn’t as active, as you can see! But we are all sharing the catnip rainbow and banana with Lexie, too. We all sniff and lick these toys, so it’s a good way for us to learn about Lexie.

Lexie started trying to befriend Reggie before she came out of the foster enclosure. Yesterday, they had a really long nose touching session. For the humans out there who may not be as studious observers of cats as our human, nose touching is another way we learn about each other and signal friendly intentions.

Robin got us some new cat furniture in hopes that Lexie would feel comfortable that no one else had claimed the spaces as theirs, but Karma made sure to take ownership of both new kitty condos before ANYONE could get to them. We have all tried them out even so. Lexie has found a place to call her own, and Becket has let her have it.

Lexie can sometimes eat in the same room with Reggie and Becket. In fact, I think she has a better record than Karma for being able to eat when other cats are around.

Two things slowed us down this week. First was having the little flame-point kitten, Oso, for one night. He was pretty vocal and scared Becket. Then, we had the loud and scary thunderstorm for two days. Nutmeggy came out of that really jumpy and unwilling to come downstairs. Robin used Scaredy Cat spirit essence on her, finally, and she’s back to her old self, coming downstairs to ask for kibble treat at mealtime for the Garden Kitties and going out on the catio. No flinching or wild running. That Scaredy Cat essence worked so well for me that I don’t need it anymore! I’m glad it worked for Meggy too.

Karma and Meggy are still a little hissy with Lexie, but nothing really threatening. They just have to work out their relationships. With Meggy being the youngest, the humans figured the two of them would have the biggest negotiation before they settle in. Belle doesn’t like anybody, including her brother Becket and Robin, so we didn’t expect she would reciprocate Lexie’s offers of friendship.

Lexie’s friendliness and persistence are key to her progress in joining our family. No matter how rude we are, she just walks away. She comes back later to offer friendship again. The humans were afraid that we might make her miserable, but she seems pretty happy and has started to relax.


3 thoughts on “Kitty Integration

  1. Guys, sorry to be late catching up with this. It is just SO interesting to read your post and capture the rhythm of life at your home with the cats feelings and acceptance shifting like sunbeams. Tolerance is what ours have most of the time, although the siblings are bonded much closer.

    Thank you.

  2. What wonderful news to hear Lexie is fitting in to mewz family, it is always difficult to adjust to a new member, especially for some of us kitties. When my angel sisfur Černy first joined us I was the only cat and Queen of the house. I was not pleased to share and let her know by not sharing anything with her on the first day. She let me have my way, and we became furiends. My brofur Kaspars is another story- he was a mancat and I did not want a mancat in my Queendom! I’ve tried scaring him off, taking his food, snatching toys, staring him down until he growls and spits, whaping him, but the crazy goon is still here TEN years later!! We tolerate each other’s existence, but are not friends! As long as he remembers who was here first and is in charge, I guess I will allow him to stay, but I will continue to remind him everyday just to make sure… MOL!!!

  3. I love hearing about how everyone in the household is getting along. We are so happy that the kitties are adjusting and Robin is sharing it with us! Keep up the good work!

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