A Cuddle a Day: So Much Going On!

We have so much going on that I haven’t been able to even think about writing. Now, I’ll try to catch everyone up on events at our house.

First, we had a human visitor, @Katieboocat‘s Girl. Katie is my best friend on Twitter, so I was REALLY motivated to meet her Girl, but still, the whole idea terrified me. When she came into my room the first day, I hissed at Robin. After that, I hid in the closet that turned into a cupboard with shelves. (Yes, I have started going in the closet again!) I did go out into the rest of the house a couple of times and saw The Girl there. She came into my room yesterday and left me treats in the little plastic bones I like to knock over. She’s really a very nice human, but I was terrified nevertheless. I’m glad she had her own room while she was here.

Second, as many of you know, we have a foster kitty who is pregnant. Ms Kittie is going to have her babies SOMEDAY. She seems to be taking a long time to deliver them, but what do I know? We have learned a lot about what mama kitties need. I will be very glad when they are born because Robin may be able to stop worrying about them and concentrate more on me again. Meggy tweets about the #kittenwatch (yes, that’s the hashtag we’re using) more than I do, so if you want up-to-the-minute updates on Ms Kittie and her mothering activities, follow @NutmegTorby (if you don’t already!).

Third, Robin took one of the rescue dogs to Rancho Mondo Northwest to meet with Julie Eskoff and see if K9 Nose Work would be a good solution for building up the little dog’s confidence. Rapunzel is a chihuahua mix who has been working hard to get healthy. She loved the introduction to Nose Work and both Robin and The Girl said Rapunzel looks like she will really thrive with Nose Work. Building up confidence is her next step toward a forever home.

I love my Robin, and I don’t mind (too much) sharing her with all my fursibs and the other cats and dogs she tries to help.

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  1. Your Robin is a saint for all the work she does with rescues and ferals. You are so lucky to have been rescued by her and now have a nice home. We’re going to check out #kittenwatch – will be fun to follow each day.

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