Miss Kitty Needs a Home

Miss Kitty is pictured here with her veterinarian right after we confirmed that she is going to have kittens. Our vet felt two kittens and estimates that Miss Kitty will deliver in about a month. Cats’ gestation period is just a little more than two months long, so she is about halfway through her pregnancy. The vet said she should eat kitten food to get more nutrition to the kittens. Robin bought Purina Kitten Chow on the way back to Miss Kitty’s foster home. She’s going to stay there for another couple of weeks and then likely move to our house to have her babies.

Unless someone adopts her and her unborn family.

Miss Kitty showed up in our garden during an awful storm in January. Robin carried her around the neighborhood in a carrier to see if she was lost, but no one claimed her. We posted her picture on Guadalupe County Lost and Found Pets, at the Guadalupe County Humane Society and several local vets. We checked in with Seguin Animal Services when she came, and no one was looking for her. Miss Kitty hasn’t got a microchip. We are as sure as we can be that no one is waiting for her to find her way home.

Miss Kitty is beautiful and loving. She deserves a great home, is it yours?

3 thoughts on “Miss Kitty Needs a Home

  1. Awww that poor baby. So sweet of Robin to give her a home to deliver her kittens in. We so hope she can find a good home. I sure wish people would spay and neurter their outside cats.

    1. Thanks, Mario. By the way, Miss Kitty is an inside cat. It’s possible she got out and ran during the storm, but it’s more likely she was dumped at our house because we are known to care for cats.

      1. It’s really important to spay and neuter ALL pet cats! Our vet performs the operations at 4 months. Some vets perform pediatric procedures at 2 months!

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