A Cuddle a Day: MOMENTOUS

Huck and Sparkle meet Robin here every morning and every evening. On the way to the shed, where the kitties eat, Huck usually asks Robin to pick him up at least twice. Sometimes they cuddle as many as four times along as many feet of pathway.

Sparkle NEVER asks to be picked up….. until today.

Sparkle has taken more and more of an interest in petting recently. She’ll stop in front of Robin and stay for lots and lots of strokes. Today, when Sparkle stopped, Robin decided she would risk trying to pick her up. Robin has done this before but only lifted Sparkle about a foot off the ground.

Today, Robin held little Sparkle to her heart for several seconds. Sparkle didn’t struggle and didn’t run away when her seal-point paws hit the ground. All three of them went into the shed where Huck and Sparkle had their canned food breakfast.

Read the origin of A Cuddle a Day.

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3 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: MOMENTOUS

  1. How wonderful for Robin and Sparkle! I can personally attest that Robin gives AMAZING hugs. What a banner day!

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