Secret Santa Organizing

Hello, Pals! Nutmeggy, Robin and I started recruiting Secret Santa participants a few weeks ago, and it’s getting to be time to finalize the list and make the matches!

We exchange gifts for the pet and try to keep the dollar amount spent to a minimum. @NikePurrfektCat suggested $20 (US) max. We are a crafty bunch, too, and handmade gifts are wonderful! If you want to include something for the human, that’s up to you.

If you want to participate and your Twitter handle isn’t on the following list, please leave a comment on this post including your Twitter handle, and I’ll check in with you to get your specifics.

OR, you can email me directly at cheshirekitten AT sbcglobal DOT net. I need to know your mailing address, whether you want to send a gift only in your country or if international is OK. If you have other preferences, like kitty or doggie only, let me know that too. We can accommodate most preferences. After all, we do this for FUN!

I plan to make the Santa matches on November 11, so everyone can participate in the #NipClub Christmas bazaar. I’ll post updates to the list before then. I don’t want anyone to miss out!

Please, share this post with any anipal you think would like to participate!

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