We Are All Around You

Sometimes you can’t see us, but feral cats are living just about everywhere you can imagine.









We like to stay out of the way of humans.









And will likely shy away or run if you try to touch us.

But we do appreciate the caregivers who share food with us, get us spayed or neutered and see to our veterinary needs. Sometimes we even come to love you and cherish interaction with you, too.

We celebrate Mystery, Sparkle, Huck and all the other community kitties who come to our house for a meal or a lifetime.

Happy National Feral Cat Day!


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5 thoughts on “We Are All Around You

  1. Thank you for a lovely and gracious post about ferals. National Feral Cat Day and the blog posts I have read have told me so much about this mysterious cats – Thank YOU Cheshire.

  2. Awwwww Chessie sweetie, this brings tears to my and Mom’s eyes. Mewz human and family are so compassionate to help all the Garden kitties that live with and come to visit mewz home. I am so glad mew were brave enough to come out and learn to love Robin. Mew are such a sweet natured, sensitive, smart boy, it makes me feel good to know mew are safe and loved- it is sad however that there are so many feral kitties out there who are not as lucky. I was not a feral kitty, but I am fortunate that when I was dumped pregnant and alone in the country nine years ago there were some nice humans like mewz Mom who took me in, or my babies might have ended up growing up to be feral kitties. Instead these kind people took me in so I could have my babies safely and we all could be taken to our local Humane Society to find humans to adopt. My four kits all found great humans to adopt, and then one day my Mom came to visit looking to be adopted and I made sure to jump right in her lap and claim her first. Good thing I did because she has turned out to be a well trained human who makes sure I am well looked after and served in the way I have become accustomed. As mew know it’s not always easy to rule over a house and human, but I think all in all it’s worth it! MOL!!

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