A Cuddle a Day

Confidence is my middle name.

Robin had a plan for reintroducing Reggie and me. She read Cat vs. Cat and Starting from Scratch, by Pam Johnson-Bennett, and had decided the first step for us meeting each other again would have each of us play with our favorite toy at opposite ends of the dining room. I would be near my room and Reggie would be near, or in, the kitchen. He would have a long way to go if he tried to get me, and I could easily get away and be safe in my room if necessary.

After we got comfortable playing with toys far apart, we were going to move gradually closer together and be in the same room for just a short time.

The whole idea is to have us interact and not REACT like we used to. (Reggie used to get all aggressive and I used to run.) Playing with toys would make us feel comfortable, then we would graduate to eating a little food in the same room….

I thought all of this seemed too complicated, so I ran past Robin’s feet and right up to Reggie in the kitchen and sniffed him. We even tapped noses.

Then, I turned around and loped in the direction of my room, puffing my tail up on the way. I got good cuddles when I got back in there.

It was really all right, and I can’t wait to go out there again. I’m not letting anybody intimidate me anymore!

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