A Cuddle a Day

Robin and I were having a great cuddle (the picture doesn’t do it justice!).

And then Karma barfed. Sigh.

Everyone is barfing, except me. Reggie even barfed right on Robin’s bed. (He licks the antibiotic cream off his shoulder.)

On a lighter note, Smoke and Shadow got their FOREVER home with their (former) foster mom, right here in our neighborhood. Robin is happy she will get to see them grow up!

Sunshine, Sweets, and the orange girl kitten moved on to take applications for adopters at the Guadalupe County Humane Society.  They got looked over with a special light to make sure they didn’t have ring worm. You could adopt them there!

Smoke and Shadow have the corn litter. I hated that one and just wouldn’t use it.

In working with the kittens, we discovered that the pet store in town is now selling all the great quality brands of cat food!

Read the origin of A Cuddle a Day.

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