A Cuddle a Day

Really, Robin, when are you going to focus on ME?

Today, Meggy was here for training time, but we didn’t train. We PLAYED instead. I really like training better, and I don’t like that squirt taking all my treats.

THEN, Robin went to work. That’s OK because they give her kibble there, and we need kibble.

She spent the afternoon picking up the fifth kitten, who is a lovely orange girl, and de-fleaing her. She’s the only one of the kittens who has come all the way to our house, even for a little while. This kitten LOVES humans.

Her brother and sisters welcomed her, but she had forgotten all about them and growled. Finally, she played a little with BOTH balls. When she approached the other kittens to play, they would try to play with her, but then she would growl at them. She was really mixed up today.

They all ate some nice food together, and she just couldn’t stay vigilant after that. She fell asleep by herself, but when their foster mom came home, Smoke was sleeping with her head almost on the new girl’s body.

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