The BIG Box

Nutmeggy wants to tell everyone the story of her big box. Since I promised her a long time ago that she could help with my blog, I said she could.

Mom got an email a few days ago that said our new stroller had been shipped to us. Karma and I are REALLY EXCITED about getting the stroller. We don’t know if we’re going to like it, but we’re excited anyway.

A BIG BOX arrived Friday and Reggie and I checked it out. Then, Mom pushed the box over into a corner of the entry room and IGNORED it FOREVER. I have been SO BORED all week because I can’t go out on the catio where Mystery is being treated for has bladder infection. I wanted to open the box RIGHT AWAY, but Mom said she was TOO BUSY.

Today, UH read all her emails and then she picked me up upstairs and carried me ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS. I didn’t even struggle, but she made me show my belly the whole way. Anyway, when I got downstairs with UH, Mom was standing with the BIG BOX in the middle of the entry. COOL! I thought and got into a more rigorous examination of the box with MY STROLLER in it!!!!!!





I helped Mom open the box. We kept sneaking peaks inside it. I WAS SO EXCITED! Mom concentrated so hard and cut through all the tape. I was sitting on the top of the box, but when Mom cut underneath me and I jumped off.

I got back up there when I was PRETTY SURE we were ALMOST IN.


But when we opened the flaps of the box, we found PUPPY PADS. Thirty two packages of PUPPY PADS!!!!





Then Mom looked at the label on the box…….

The box was addressed to CHESHIRE KITTEN! AND, it was from Hartz. We totally forgot that Cheshie won the puppy pads at Nip Club last weekend. Of course, we don’t need any puppy pads because we are kitties, but Cheshie wants to give the pads to the rescue where Mom helps out and to any foster puppies that her organization, ARF, is working to get adopted.

For now, I’m biting all the packages and waiting for my stroller to arrive. Mom checked the tracking information in the email she got. Today, my stroller was in ILLINOIS on its way here to Texas.




4 thoughts on “The BIG Box

  1. Sorry the stroller didn’t arrive yet but look on the bright side – you’ll have another big box to explore when it does! *High paw* Luv you Spirit Sisfur!

  2. Hmmm… if the stroller is in Illinois perhaps I need to divert it. I have always wanted a stroller!

  3. I’m sure the stroller will get here in no time and Meggy and Karma will be exploring it. I’m not going anywhere near it!

  4. Oh no! How disappointing. Poor Meggy. Maybe by the time it arrives the weather will cool off and you’ll get to use it. *hugs* I hope you’re not too upset. Can’t wait until we can swap stroller stories.

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