Don’t Pee on the Bookshelves!

Our human has more books than we can count, even when we all work together. She sent some off in boxes today to one of her friends, which made her both sad and happy. When she got home from the post office, she took more of the books off the shelves and started wiping the shelves and moving the books around.

What a MESS she made!

Robin was trying to get the books back into the shelves for the night — I guess they sleep better that way — although she hadn’t finished organizing them yet. Just when she thought she was finished for the night, she found a shelf that SOMEONE had PEED ON!!!!!

She was NOT HAPPY.

After a minute or two of deciding what to do, she thought this would be a great opportunity to test the bottle of Zero Odor we got at BlogPaws. The website says Zero Odor molecules bond with the molecules causing the odor and NEUTRALIZE them.


The books — art books, cook books, Judy Chicago’s Kitty City, and even the cover for one of BZTAT‘s pictures of Okey — don’t smell anymore.

The pee-er — I haven’t been near that shelf — is one lucky kitty because of Zero Odor.

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