4 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day

  1. I have been given a very nice stainless steel water fountain for my Ms. Sooki Stackhouse. The domestic shorthair who owns me.
    She is not willing to use it but of course i have other water dishes around. Any suggestions please?

    Sookis mother

    1. How nice to get a fountain! I hope Ms. Sooki decides to try it! We have a fountain and it’s very nice.

      Does the fountain have settings? Our fountain is plastic, but even so we don’t like the water to be really loud. Perhaps if you could turn down the setting on the water Ms. Sooki would try the fountain. Ms. Sooki might not approve of the location of the fountain, so if sound isn’t keeping her away, maybe you could try another spot for it.

      Please let us know if these suggestions help. If they don’t, we’ll put our thinking caps on and come up with others.

        1. One of our Twitter pals suggested mixing a little water with canned food to get more liquid into our Garden Kitties. That might help for Ms. Sooki, too. If she seems unlike her usual self, I suggest calling her vet.

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