BlogPaws Treats #1

Robin sent home a 33-pound box of goodies from BlogPaws, where generous sponsors and exhibitors shared samples with the pet bloggers. We have lots of food, toys and other supplies to try out in the coming weeks. And it will take weeks to try everything!

Nutmeggy got so full of herself while Robin was away, claiming to be in charge of the house. She continued with her bossy ways and jumped right in the BlogPaws treat box. She chose a packet of Natural Balance Platefulls Cod, Chicken, Sole & Shrimp Formula in Gravy. Meggy and Reggie were lick, lick, licking the packet where Meggy had punctured it with her teeth, so Robin opened it up for them and put some in bowls for each of them and for Becket as well. Becket ran away from the bowl, as he usually does with treats, and Karma enjoyed eating his portion. All three of them liked the food and the chicken formula they tried the next day.

Fancy Feast wins my vote for most creative packaging for their new Mornings recipe. Purina made the cute egg carton box to introduce the food at BlogPaws, and it will be sold in the usual 3-oz cans in the store.

The Garden Kitties got to taste the souffle with wild salmon, garden veggies and egg. As you see in the picture, they did not share this treat with the black and white kitty. In fact, they told him not to come in the shed at all this morning. He hung around and may have managed a bite or two of the leftovers, but I think those Garden Kitties enjoyed the unfamiliar flavors and gobbled up all they received.

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