A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle

This is Nike Purrfect Cat cuddling with her mom. She said, “Mum was on the swing and i hopped up next to her on the seat. She stroked me and we were talking and i felt so wonderful i had to wriggle into my happy upside down kitty pose. I snoozed a good hour that way!”

Nike writes a blog called, “NikePurrfectCat’s World.”

Read the origin of A Cuddle a Day.

If you would like to propose a picture for a Guest Cuddle, contact me on Twitter @CheshireK or email me at cheshirekitten at sbcglobal dot net.

3 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle

  1. Mom loves the cuddle a day series. She’s hoping to catch me cuddling w/Toby cat *shaking head*. I’ll share the love seat, but need my space!

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