Secret Santa Underway

Just a quick note….

Everyone who expressed interest in anipal Secret Santa and sent along an address should have received a message today (Friday) including the name and address of your “Santee.” We used to generate a random number list to sort us all to assign Santas. It was lots of fun!

If you didn’t get a message, let me know ASAP so I can send the info to you again.

If something has changed and you aren’t able to participate, I would like to know that soon too. It’s no big deal, things happen, and we have a backup strategy, so you won’t be letting anyone down if you need to bow out for any reason at all.

We are really happy that so many pals decided to join in this year! The nip pillow I received from Secret Santa last year is still my favorite toy.Biting in

For the first-time Santas…… The idea is to buy or make a present for the pet and send it for Christmas. Nothing too extravagant, but something that lets the pal know that we care. It would be great if the present could arrive by Christmas. You can remain secret, but we didn’t take a pledge or anything, so if you want to reveal your identity, that’s up to you.

I hope everybody has a good time getting ready for Christmas.

11 thoughts on “Secret Santa Underway

  1. Hi Chesire! Thanks fur hosting the Secret Santa! I loved my gifts and hopefully our giftee enjoyed ours, baroooo! We’ve awarded your bloggie the Liebster Award! fur all your thoughtfulness and kindess! Details are on my blog!

    1. Thank you for asking, Jenny! This is up to the Santas. We suggest that the present(s) not be extravagant. That’s all. My hope is that everyone will get a gift and the feeling that we care about them.

      Some Santas will be sending gifts to other countries, so postage might be too expensive to send more than one present.

      Last year I got a really cool nip pillow made out of fleece fabric with elephants on it. Santa also made a matching scarf for my Robin. I play with my nip pillow every day. It’s my favorite toy!

  2. This is so cool! It’s kind of hard so remain anonymous even if I want to because I’d prolly include a return address to make sure nothing happens to the package. I can’t wait to give and receive!

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