Okey’s Promise Auction: Day 1

Banana YuccaMy human started this drawing of a banana yucca flower on a trip to the Davis Mountains in June. She uses Copic markers — alcohol-based ink in amazing colors — on recycled bristol paper. The drawing is 9″ x 12″ and will be matted.

To place a bid on this drawing, please leave a comment on this post including your bid. You’ll need to keep track of the bidding during the day in order to respond to other bids. The minimum bid for this drawing is $25. Responding bids should increase the amount in multiples of $5. The auction closes at 8:59 pm tomorrow (Friday September 16). the bidder with the highest bid at that time wins the auction!

Maggie will contact the winning bidder to get shipping instructions and to convey directions for fulfilling the bid.

Please, remember that anyone can pledge support for Okey’s Promise at her Kickstarter.com page at any time!

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