Auction Line-Up For Okey’s Promise

Here’s the line-up for the Art Auction for Okey’s Promise. The auction starts Thursday at 9 pm CDT. I’ll have a post with only the item on the block for that day. Once bidding is open, just leave a comment on the post including your bid.  You are also invited to pledge your support on Kickstarter if you aren’t interested in buying art this month.

Kickstarter funds projects only when they meet the target amount the artist has named for the project. The target amount for Okey’s Promise is $6,000, and we’d like to help add as much to the total pledged as we can. We will be making a pledge to Okey’s page on  behalf of everyone who participates at the end of the first weekend and then we’ll bump the pledge up at the close of the auction on September 25. That’s less than 24 hours before the Kickstarter fundraising period ends! We are going to ask that the winning bidders allow us to collect their donations and pool them for Kickstarter, however, this means that the donation will not end up being tax deductible for the winning bidders.

Banana YuccaBeginning at 9 pm CDT Thursday September 15 until 8:59 pm CDT September 16:
By Cheshire Kitten’s Robin
Matted drawing in alcohol-based ink (Copic marker) on bristol paper. The image is 9″ x 12″.

Crystals of lightBeginning at 9 pm CDT Friday September 16 until 8:59 pm CDT September 17:

By George the Duck’s Typist, Robyn Harton

“Crystals Of Light”

Natural DT Quartz Crystals and Clear Quartz with Sterling Silver Bali Beads and Tarnish-Resistant .925 Argentium® Sterling Silver Handmade One of a Kind pair of earrings with nickel-free earwires.


White and Gray Cat Drawing-BZTATBeginning at 9 pm CDT Saturday September 17 until 8:59 pm CDT September 18:


Matted drawing with Prismacolor Pencil on black paper. Image size is 7″ X 7″ and matte size is 12″ X 12″.


ScarfBeginning at 9 pm CDT Thursday September 22 until 8:59 pm CDT September 23:

by Pasikas

Handpainted silk scarf.


Smokey8 bohoportraitBeginning at 9 pm CDT Friday September 23 until 8:59 pm CDT September 24:

By Cokie the Cat’s Mom

A BohoPets print. This portrait of Twitter kitty @Smokey8 will be framed.


QuiltBeginning at 9 pm CDT Saturday September 24 until 8:59 pm CDT September 25:

By MaggieTKat and ParkerSKat’s mom

A Christmas quilt based on a panel by Laurel Burch. Wanda does amazing work with beads on her decorative quilts.

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