New Chair

Finished ChairRobin and I finished our first slipcover yesterday. I enjoyed the project, but I think my role was not as complicated as Robin’s was. I helped with measuring, testing and morale (that’s the harder part!). Robin picked out the fabric, made the blue muslin, fitted the aubergine fabric together (including fixing mistakes), and hemmed the whole thing. The part I don’t get, however, is using the rubber gloves to take my fur off the chair. I spent a lot of time furring it, and then had to go back and start over.

Now, the chair is GONE! I had no idea that it would go away. I guess the other kitties will be furring it now.

When the aubergine chair disappeared, I was in the bathroom waiting for a drink out of the faucet. THEN, I heard the vacuum cleaner and hid behind the toilet. When I finally went back in my room, I ducked right under the cedar chest into my hiding place. I didn’t come out for a couple of hours.

I got some treats, kibbles and a drink of water (from the dish) before I noticed a new chair. I’m still examining the chair and haven’t decided whether to accept it yet. It feels a bit like burlap, and I generally like smoother, silkier fabrics. Maybe I will have to start a new slipcover.

Standing sniffSniffing chairClose-up sniffing

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    1. Yes, indeed! We are thinking of covering the wood parts with batting and making a slipcover for the whole thing. I’m pushing for smoother fabric in a nice, dark color.

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