My New Career In Sewing

Cheshire in the chairHere I am posing with the cushion Robin and I recovered. She put the purple fabric on it, and I ginger furred it. We are a great team!

Things are still going well in my room of my own. Nutmeg visits — and steals my food — a few times a day. For the last few days, Robin was in the bathroom that I run during the day with a ladder and paint. I went up the ladder once, but that was enough for me in this heat.

Rather than painting, I much prefer sewing. We are making great progress on the slipcover. One day we made piping, the next we put in a zipper, then we sewed everything all together and put it on the cushion. A couple of times, I tried to move into the driver’s seat at the sewing machine, but Robin sat on the chair with me, and I had to move. Humans just don’t understand how to behave. When I have the chair, she’s supposed to find somewhere ELSE to sit!

I curl up on the pile of purple fabric near the ironing board and get a head start on furring. At least, I did until Nutmeg ran with one let on the right of the cord and the other leg on the left. The iron made a lot of noise when it hit the floor, but it missed both of us completely.


One thought on “My New Career In Sewing

  1. he he – You are so funny. Love the story of Nutmeg running with opposite legs. Have a great picture of that in my head now and will giggle all night. Good job to mom on the slipcover. That’s quite an accomplishment.

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