Day 4: Jewelry for the Soul

Hope for Joplin
Hope for Joplin, by George the Duck's Typist, Robyn Harton

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Art Auction for Joplin! We raised  $90 in the first two days of the auction and Boris Kitty’s offer of a t-shirt along with his painting really got everybody excited.  Congratulations to Amber and Angela, the winning bidders from Days 1 and 2! We’re seeing a lot of interest in the next two items, a bracelet by @GeorgeTheDuck’s typist, Robyn Harton, and a quilt by @MaggieTKat and @ParkerSKat’s mom.

We are proud to have friends who are willing to lend a paw to help when animals (and humans!) are in their hour of deepest need.
This weekend we are raising funds for the disaster relief section of the Humane Society of Missouri. The Humane Society is on the official first response team in Missouri and has coordinated a lot of the relief work with animals after the tornado in Joplin in May. Hundreds of pets were rescued after the hurricane, and as of last weekend, more than 700 have been placed in new homes. Quite a number of them went to new homes at the “adoptathon” sponsored by the Humane Society and the ASPCA last weekend, KRCG reported.
Day 4: Hope for Joplin
Hope for Joplin (small)Now, on to today’s art auction. @GeorgeTheDuck’s Typist Robyn Harton contributed “Hope for Joplin Bracelet.” Robyn puts a lot of heaert and soul into her artwork and said this bracelet is made with intent and prayer for the related crystal meanings that are geared to bring hope and love to the wearer, just as we all wish for Joplin, Missouri.
The clear stones, Quartz and Angel Aura are for spiritual strength and help. The purple stones, Amethyst, Lepidolite and Purple Crazy Lace Agate are for clear sight to find the way to heal and grow. The blue stones, Blue Lace Agate, Iolite, and Blue Coral, are for healing. The green stones Zoisite, Green Aventurine and Afghan Jade as well as the pink stones Pink Mangano Calcite and Kunzite, are for love. The yellow Citrine and Tiger Eye stones are for hope. The orange Carnelian and Spiderweb Carnelian stones are for creativity in finding ways to cope. The red stones of Red Coral are for strength and vitality. Again the silverplated Heart togge is for love. The other beads and  findings are silver plated. All are strung on braided, nylon coated, stainless steel professional jewelry wire for strength and suppleness.
This bracelet is a medium 6 1/2″ size and includes shipping. The bracelet will be resized if needed, prior to shipping, at no charge. Crystals and Jewelry provides an essential reference to measure your wrist properly for sizing. Please check the website, as measuring a bracelet lying flat will not give the proper measurement.
Please comment on this post to leave your bid. The opening bid for “Hope for Joplin” is $15. Bids close at 10:59 p.m. CDT July 3.

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  1. That is a gorgeous bracelet! I know I will be outbid on this one but had to comment it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry!

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