Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2.0, Number 5

face-dollDay Five of round two in the art auction for Japan animal relief snuck up on me. Wow! We have only TWO more days in the auction.

My human has worked so much this week that she confused herself, so we cats have to really step up this weekend. One of the things she had to do is find out what’s bothering Huck the Garden Kitty’s face. He had some scrapes a couple weeks ago and then all of a sudden had scabs that looked pretty nasty. Huck likes to be petted, but he does NOT like to be held, let alone transported in a carrier. To deal with this challenge, Robin took a close-up picture of his face and dropped it off with our vet. A couple of hours later, the vet’s office called her and they’ve prescribed some ointment for Huck. Technology in service of a better life for community cats!

Technology also makes it possible for us to get together as a community and for our community to support others when they face crises like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We’re so grateful to everyone who participates in the art auctions. It’s so much fun to make a gift on behalf of everyone. Thanks for being our pals and for keeping the circle of gifts moving around the world.

Art Doll PinWe’re really excited about today’s artwork! Whskr from New Zealand has contributed a totally unique art doll pin, titled “The Power of Thought.” The doll has beaded hair and a brass face with a cotton body and is hand stuffed and decorated. The pin is 14.5cms, or 5 inches high.

Whskr specified that we begin with no minimum bid to allow everyone who wants to participate to join in the bidding. So, no minimum bid, no minimum raise. She does ask that the winning bidder add $4 for shipping costs.doll-back

We’ll keep the bidding open until 10: 59 CDT on April 9, which is a little longer than usual, but I didn’t get to posting until a little bit later than usual.

In addition to my human being a work whirlwind, she got up at about 4:30 this morning. I know that some of you probably do that every day, especially if you are cats.  I hope she gets up here with my treats before she falls asleep.

I hope everybody has fun with this auction for the cool art doll called, “The Power of Thought.” Remember, no minimum bid, no minimum raise, and comments encouraged in general!

Leave your bid in a comment. (Remember that Whskr has asked that the winning bidder add $4 for shipping costs.) All proceeds are donated to World Vets for relief operations in Japan.

2 thoughts on “Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief 2.0, Number 5

  1. Oh datz a bootiful pin. I’m starting bid at $11 $4 shipping. $15. Whoever comes after me can just bid on da pin cuz da $4 for shipping was added. Total bid $15

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