Perfect for Boxing Day?

We got lots of gifts this Christmas! First, our humans came home safely from their road trip to New Mexico. We were so glad that predators didn’t get them when they were out in the desert!

Then our friend Boris Kitty sent us some great presents. We got a TailSpin and a whole bunch of squeaky mice. Boris also put my book on his list of the 10 best of 2010. I thank him heartily for his support. Boris is a great friend to us!

Our friend Katie Boo Cat sent us some salmon treats and we like those very much too.

Nutmeg got a new Undercover Mousie because she broke mine.
Cheshire in one of his favorite places in the attic
We were REALLY busy yesterday, so today I wanted a little peace and quiet in one of my favorite spots on the wardrobe in the attic. I’ll bet you can imagine how well that went with a kitten in the house.Nutmeg found him out

Did you know that the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day?

Although the holiday doesn’t really have anything to do with the sport of boxing, I told Nutmeg that it does.

Boxing Day

Cheshire and Nutmeg boxing


She's not so bad

2 thoughts on “Perfect for Boxing Day?

  1. Your pictures are soooo cute! I love the boxing photos!
    I had never heard of “Boxing Day” til I was reading blogs yesterday. I am embarrassed that I had never heard of it!
    Is it because of all the boxes after Christmas? I really have no clue!
    So glad you got some wonderful gifts from the anipals!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. My goodness! You are certainly very intense with your boxing! Robin is such an excellent photographer. The second to last picture of Nutmeg’s face cracks us up. She looks so pathetic and you look like you are ready to smack her again!

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