Closer To Home, But Not In Texas

Originally published

by Cheshire Kitten on 11 September 2010

in the Animal Rescue section of The Anipal Times

Dogs transported by ARF arrive in New Hampshire
Dogs transported by ARF arrive in New Hampshire

Shelters in my state of Texas are so full of cats and dogs that there’s nowhere to put more lost or homeless pets. A few humans are working really hard to find forever homes for more of them somewhere, anywhere.

Less than a third of the animals who come into the city shelter in San Antonio are released, according to the San Antonio Express News. Virginia Davidson and Greg Kidd are giving more of them a chance for lives with families by taking them up North where at least some shelters don’t have as many animals as they have requests to adopt, the Express News reported.

Davidson and Kidd moved to Connecticut this year and have been back to San Antonio twice to pick up dogs.

Alamo Rescue Friends (ARF), Davidson and Kidd’s organization, partners with San Antonio’s Animal Care Services (ACS) and no-kill shelters in New England.

“When you’re packed to the gills,” Lisa Norwood, spokeshuman for ACS told the Express News, “It’s hard to imagine there are places that need puppies and kittens.”

The city of San Antonio paid for the first trip to the North, which moved eight dogs 2,000 miles closer to forever homes in June. ARF used mostly its own funds to transport 16 dogs to New Hampshire in August. Eighteen humans saw the dogs off on their journey on August 31, according to ARF’s Facebook page says they arrived September 2. The latest Twitter update says that five dogs were adopted Sunday.

ARF hopes to take 30 dogs North in October but needs donations to pay for the trip.

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