Cheshire Kitten Discovers Animal Theology

I am breaking my silent meowditation retreat to tell you about a book I just started reading. I just discovered a theologian who writes about Christianity and animal welfare while I was reporting the news for anipals today.

Andrew Linzey sits in the first professor’s chair specifically devoted to theology and animal welfare and it’s at the University of Oxford. His main job is to write books that show Christians why they must consider animal welfare to be as vital as that of human beings. I am shivering with excitement to share with you some of Professor Linzey’s thoughts from one of his books, Animal Gospel. I even told my human I can wait for treats until after she types this post for me.

Andrew Linzey’s creed is included in the introduction to  Animal Gospel.Animal Gospel by Andre Linzey

I affirm the One Creator God from whom all existence flows. I celebrate the common origin of all life in God. I undertake to cherish and love all creatures whos life belongs to God and exists for God’s glory.

I affirm the life of Jesus as the true pattern of service to the weak. I promise my solidarity with all suffering creatures. I join hands with Jesus in his ministry to the least of all, knowing that it is the vocation of the strong to be gentle.

I see in the face of the Crucified the faces of all innocent, suffering creatures. I hear their cries for a new creation. I think God for the grace to feel their suffering and give voice to their pain.

I affirm the Word made flesh as the new covenant between God and all sentient creatures. I seek to live out that covenant in acts of moral generosity, kindness and gentleness to all those creatures that God has gathered together into unity.

I affirm the life-giving Spirit, source of all that is wonderful, who animates every creature. I pledge myself to honor life because of the Lord of life.

I affirm the hope of the world to come for all God’s creatures. I believe in the Cross as the symbol of liberation for every creature suffering from bondage. I will daily trust in the redeeming power of God to transform the universe.

I pray that the community of Christ may be blessed with a new vision of God’s creation. I will turn away from my hardness of heart and seek to become a living sign of the Gospel for which all creatures long.

I rejoice in animals as fellow-creatures: loved by the Father, redeemed by the Son, and enlivened by the Holy Spirit.

May God the Holy Trinity give me strength to live out my commitment this day.

My human and I are encouraged that we may be able to find a language to speak to the people who live around us to persuade them to take a gentler view about animals. We are going to read more of Professor Linzey’s books.

You’ll have to check the Anipal Times world news roundup in a few days to see why Andrew Linzey was in the news recently.

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