The Story Behind The Rebel Dog Of Greece

Originally published

by Cheshire Kitten on 6 June 2010

in the Special World News section of The Anipal Times

Stray dogs in Greece got some unanticipated media attention last month, with rumors that a Rebel Dog was rallying protestors.

It turns out that a LOT of dogs were on the streets with the protestors, but most of them look pretty much like a famous dog named Kanellos who was involved in a round of protests two years ago. Although Kanellos made his voice heard and then headed over the RB in 2008, according to the Associated Press, he still has a Facebook page dedicated to him.

The current canine collaborator of the rebels has a Facebook page, too.

It turns out that Greece has a lot of stray dogs and many of them have a bit of a German shepherd look with golden fur, like the dog whose picture graced reports from the streets of Athens in May. Human journalists speculated that many dogs were pictured rather than just one single Rebel Dog. Newsweek even did a special photo story on the dogs.

The government keeps track of stray dogs in Athens, the Associated Press reported. They spay and neuter the dogs, give them special collars to identify them and return them to their own neighborhoods of Athens.

Obviously a Lookout!
Obviously a Lookout!

Not to take anything away from the Rebel Dogs, but it turns out that Greece has Rebel Cats, too.

This photo of a cat on Santorini in Greece was originally published January 16, 2008, at Some rights reserved.


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