Who’s the white guy with the basket?

Who is this guy?This white guy in an aqua jacket followed Robin upstairs when she came to give me my medicine. He said he wanted to give me extra treats for a human holiday called Easter. He said he was the Easter Bunny and that bunnies and eggs are both symbols of rebirth.

Cheshire! Happy Easter!Well, I could certainly use a little bit more of rebirth to help me get rid of this fungal pneumonia thing, so I decided I would at least chat a little with this Easter Bunny guy.

Easter Bunny told me to take a look in his basket. He said I could select my own Easter treat. I asked if he had any caviar (I’ve never had fish eggs, but the idea sounds tasty to me). He said he had a lot of eggs, and I should just look in the basket. Worth a sniff
I decided it was worth a sniff. Robin didn’t seem alarmed about the Easter Bunny guy, so I stuck my nose right in there. WOW! What a cornucopia of treats! Eggs galore!
Tasty Easter treats When the Easter Bunny comes to your house, make sure to ask about the caviar.

If you can imagine the treat you want to try, it will be in his basket.

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