Sunday at our house

What are Karma and Becket hunting?

Becket and Karma were hunting for a long time, but nobody EVER saw their prey. Ours is a great house for invisible prey. We have some in this corner and in another one on the other side of the living room. The best invisible prey spot is in the garage near the door to the outside. Reggie, Karma, Belle and I all like to hunt there. Sometimes for HOURS.

Petunia napping

Petunia had a hard day because of Robin’s ill-fated harness experiment. Petunia hissed and growled at Robin and tried to get the harness off by herself. Fortunately, robin calmed her down and Petunia finally let her release the nasty clasp.

In the end, Petunia found the BEST napping spot. She’s happy now.

I’m upstairs waiting for my Greenies Pill Pockets, loaded. I’m sure Robin will be here soon.

3 thoughts on “Sunday at our house

  1. Yes, poor Petunia. Robin missed one of her legs and the harness was sideways. Petunia was so growly and hissy that she had to wear it awhile to calm down before Robin could unclasp her. I think Petunia has seen the last of that, particular, harness.

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