My painting

I am an inspiration to artists the world over. Well, at least to one artist in Peru. Yulia Katkova.

When Robin saw the sketches of the painting in progress, it’s called Crazy Bottles 04, she really wanted me to have it. She asked Yulia, our friend on Twitter who lives in Lima, Peru, if the painting was for sale. She was really excited when Yulia said she would sell it to us.

The painting was so new that Yulia asked if she could wait till the paint dried before she sent it to us.

The painting came in the mail, all rolled up. We carefully unrolled it and took it to Pickett’s Fine Art and Frame Shop and had it restretched. Mr. Pickett was happy that he had a frame the right size because sometimes the paintings that come from other countries are different sizes that aren’t common here.

We’ve had the painting of me for quite a long time, but first I was scared of Reggie and then I was sick and I didn’t really get a good look at it before now. Now that I’m feeling a little more like myself, I checked it out. It smells funny, but that’s ok.

It looks like me with those crazy bottles.

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