Staying warm

Upstairs Human introduced me to a wonderful device: the heating pad. I curl up in her bed and the pad makes it warmer for me. I get in the bed when UH gets out, so the heating pad is usually off when I get on it, but this time UH turned it on low. It got a little hot, so I left.

Some sick kitties are too sick to get up when they get too hot, so humans should be careful when sharing their heating pads. A hot water bottle is probably a better idea. If you want to pamper a sick or older kitty, however, you can buy us a heated bed or a pad just for kitties. Heated cabins will keep outdoor kitties really warm, especially if your area is cold.

It pays to be careful, no matter what.

2 thoughts on “Staying warm

  1. After Annie had her tummy surgery, The Girl tried to get her to lay on a very heating pad and a hot water bottle. She wanted nothing to do with either. I curl up with The Girl if she is laying on her heating pad. She’s much warmer that way!

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