Hiding and Drinking

When I’m cold, I go in the cubby where my Upstairs Human keeps her sweaters. I hide behind the grey one and knead on the pink one. It’s nice and warm in the cubby and the humans forget where I am. I can be lost in here for a long time. When Robin comes in the morning to give me my Pill Pockets treats, I stay in here. She brings the treats to me.

Today is a very cold day for us — it even SNOWED — so I stayed in the cubby a lot. That is, after I won the stare down with the squirrel.

When I’m warmer, I need to drink. I have a special bottle for drinking because I don’t really like bowls, except for eating. I stole the bottle from Upstairs Human, which bugged her. It bugged her even more when I knocked the bottle over and spilled the water. I don’t know why she was upset because I spilled it in my own bed. She just picked up the bed and poured the water into the sink. I had to wait hours for that bed to dry.

4 thoughts on “Hiding and Drinking

  1. I like to drink out of The Girl’s glasses. I particularly like unsweetened iced tea, but water works just as well. I stick my paws in the glass, fling the liquid around, and then drink it. She really gets annoyed when I drink out of her water glass and fling water on her while she is sleeping.

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