I am sharing my human this week, but just a little.



First, she is feeding and petting Miss Spooky while her people are away. Spooky is 19 and a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.

Spooky’s dog sister saved the whole family by letting the people know that water was pouring into the house. They had gone to sleep thinking the danger of the hurricane had passed. They didn’t know about the levees until Cleo told them.

The family found a boat in the neighborhood and brought Spooky and Cleo and their neighbors, until one elderly lady was too scared of the dog to get into the boat. They tossed Cleo out of the boat, so the human neighbor could be saved. Cleo swam with the boat until they reached dry land. Cleo and Spooky stayed with their people in the shelters as long as they could, but then Cleo stayed with a National Guard unit and Spooky hid in a Tupperware container so she could sneak on a bus to Dallas.


They all moved to our town because their house in New Orleans broke. Literally. In half. We are glad to have them in our neighborhood.



Then, I sent the human to check out some new kittens we heard had come to live with our friend Rebecca.


Miss Lyta and her kittens.
Miss Lyta and her kittens.

Miss Lolyta had her babies down by the river and nursed them till they could walk part way to Rebecca’s house. Lyta carried the babies one at a time from their birthplace. One of the kittens didn’t make it to the house until the second day. I can imagine how scared he was because I’ve been in his position.


Three cute kittens arrived by morning.
Three cute kittens arrived by morning.

The kittens said to tell you all that they love their mama and Rebecca is good to them. The stripey guy is really outgoing. Peaches is a little shy (he’s the one who spent the night by himself). The little calico hisses and spits at the humans, but no one takes her particularly seriously.


I get a warm feeling when I share my human.

7 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Meow! So many things to comment. Most important is that this is a story about surviving. Spooky just being 19 yo is a phenomenon. Then Miss Lolyta and her kittens. Then Spooky’s sister saving the household! Thank you for sharing this story!

  2. What sweet kittens they are. U and mama are so good to take them in and nurture them. The little stripey one looks just like our Tinkerbell looked – she over rainbow bridge now. purrs

    1. Thanks, Mario. I just let my human go LOOK at the kittens. Her human friend has taken in the mama kitty and kittens. They are a lovely family.

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