Where have I been since July?

I have spent much of the past few weeks hiding under the bed. That’s why I haven’t updated you on our life here at our house. 

Finally, I’m getting used to Reggie and the Noisy Men in the kitchen (and I had to hunt down a big cockroach) and am coming out for more than meal times.

Karma opens the cupboardMy anipals on Twitter know that the Noisy Men are banging around in our kitchen. I’m not entirely sure what they are doing in there because I am keeping out of the way under the bed. I tried hiding in the garage, but Robin carried me into the house.

Karma is enjoying the project, but then those of you who have read Please Send Money already know about her fascination with home repairs and renovation. 

We had a mouse in the kitchen. The mouse kept taking the trash and putting it in the cutlery drawer. This seems like an extreme response to a mouse in the kitchen. Our humans wanted us to catch the mouse, but we are a live-and-let-live bunch. 

Reggie examines the renovated cupboardsMaybe if we had done what they asked we wouldn’t have had all this disruption in the house. I hope that I’m right about what’s going on and that the Noisy Men aren’t permanent. Next time they ask me to hunt a mouse, I think I’m going to do it.

I’m just glad we can still go in the cupboards.


Upstairs Human disappeared the other day. I hope she hasn’t traded places with the Noisy Men because I like her much better. If I could sit on her lap, I might come out from under the bed more often.

Meanwhile, Robin, my remaining human, wants me to come out from under the bed, so she is doing lots of nice things for me. She gives me chicken treats and plays pecan through the bed skirt. She even gave me my own room. Me in my new room

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